Ghost Of The Rolling Horizon

from Race Against The Sun: Part One by Dethonator

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Mark now, that ship on the rolling horizon,
Tales of a man,
He worked his life on the ocean, his mistress
Dead to the world and to God
‘Till aged and bereft on the shoreline
Tears on the sand
When life has passed for too long without meaning,
Fists to the sky, screaming
I was a man of the sea
All that I was, I will be
No man shall hear my goodbye
Ride on the waves till I die
(Solo – H. Brooks)
Weeping, he left lonely shorelines behind him
Gone with the tide
Full sails and into the rolling horizon
Lost to the world and to God
And driving through storms without ceasing
Foremast astride
Drawing The Serpent that surfaced to reach him
Out of the sea, breaching
Whither now, man of the sea?
All the lost hearken to me
Sailing thy vessel unmanned
Out in the sea of the damned
Suffer unto me
Rocking, wrenching
Count your sinner's cost
Know no fear
On the tides of doom
Dark waves drenching
I devour the lost
He won’t hear
The Serpent now dives, a-churning the swell
The maelstrom appears, the gateway to Hell
With hands on the wheel; now bloody, his grip
He knows in his heart he’ll go down with the ship
But there is one choice that comes to all men
What do you do when you’re facing the end?
To this one old man, defiance prevails
Straight for the bastard he set his full sails

Foolhardy man, you have done well
Worthy to be a servant of Hell
(Solo – T. Lineker)
And thus was the fate of our man:
To ferry the souls of the damned
With deep bells and abyssal cries
Up from the fathoms they rise
Hark now, that ghost on the rolling horizon
Comes for us all
It roams the oceans, an omen enshrouded
Taking the souls of the dead
And no one among us can leave here
Hear now the call
Hold fast and ready The Devil a beating
Give him a warm greeting
Avast, ye men of the sea
Ask yourself what ye can be
We’ll have a story to tell
When we’re all dining in Hell


from Race Against The Sun: Part One, released February 1, 2019
Music - A. Lineker & J. Armstrong
Lyrics - A. Lineker


all rights reserved



Dethonator England, UK

Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal.
Est. 2009

Sounds like Rob Halford flying a Spitfire made of Maiden t-shirts to a Metallica concert.


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